Taking into account the absence of precise deadlines for the resumption of regular ferry services between St. Petersburg and the Baltic Sea ports due to the restrictions imposed by the Government of the Russian Federation and EU countries to fight the new coronavirus infection COVID-19, MOBY SPL decided to temporarily use the SPL Princess Anastasia ferry in another commercial project in Murmansk, Russia as a floating hotel.

The decision on cancelling cruises for the period after May 13, 2020 will be made with regard to the official information on the enforced restrictions in the countries of call of the ferry.

Over the 10 years of operation in the Baltic Sea region, SPL Princess Anastasia ferry has carried more than 3 million tourists, becoming one of the hallmarks of St. Petersburg.

The resumption of passenger ferry services is a highest priority for MOBY SPL. The company may bring a similar passenger vessel as a substitute to continue the operations. Upon receiving specific deadlines for the removal of existing restrictions, MOBY SPL will take all necessary measures for the soonest return to service. At the moment, the company is completing the schedule of New Year's cruises 2020-2021 and the schedule for 2021.

The guidelines for customers who made reservations for the departures canceled due to the epidemiological situation are presented on the official website of the company.

We are optimistic about the future and hope for the earliest resolution of this situation. Further updates will be timely posted on the company's website.

We kindly ask the media to consider only the official comments of the representatives of the company MOBY SPL in order to present the correct information.