Helsinki-2 days in St. Petersburg – Helsinki

Additional discount 25% for cabin of standard class if take in presale excursion in colorful autumn St.Petersburg

Departure dates:
8,15,22,29 of November
6,13,20.12 of December

Booking code:
for those who take excursion and overnight onboard

OVERFREE for those who do not take excursion but wants to overnight onboard

Overnight free of charge
Cabin upgrade from B class to A class (accordingly to the availability)
Presale excursions in St.Petersburg to be chosen from available here and to be purchased before check-in.

Regular fees and shuttle bus to be paid additionally.
The cabins quantity is limited.

Booking and cancellation terms for all special offers:
100% cancellation fee after the booking moment.
For travel agencies to paid during 2 days after the reservation.
Valid only for new bookings starting from 1.11.2017.

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