Terms of cancellation

Terms of Cancellation

These rules also apply to orders committed on regular rates through online booking system for reservations size of 1-9 passengers.
Cancellation must be submitted in written form and reconfirmed by MOBY Lines Europe or Moby-SPL before the intended date of departure.
 Cancellation can be done in online booking system by the client himself.
In any cancellation, costs of fuel and port fee will be refunded.  
1. Cancellation of regular rate

1.1. Cancellations of reservations from the booking moment will be charged a service fee of 10 euros, regardless of the product and the conditions of its cancellation.

1.2. Cancellation of booking starting from the booking moment is under following cancellation fees (The day  
when the booking was cancelled is not counted):                       
until 28 days prior to dep.: 20% of cost of cancelled cabins           
27-21 days prior to dep.: 30% of cost of cancelled cabins
20-15 days prior to dep.:  50% of costs of cancelled cabins 
less than 14 days prior to dep.:  100% of costs of cancelled cabins                

2. Special offer cancellation terms
Cancellation of the booking done with special offer rates - costs 100% of the booking including costs of booked    meals.
While booking with special rate with obligatory additional services (shore excursions, meals, etc.) – fees are           applicable for all services. During the cancellation of booking made with regular rates costs of additional services will be refunded. 


3. Booking changes
A change in the reservation means the following: booking cancellation, any kinds of upgrade, change in the additional services, passenger details, passengers assignments, change of promo rate, changing the date of departure and / or route.
3.1. Client who does the booking acting from the name of all passengers in the booking and all the passengers in the booking deemed to be apprised of the standard conditions of carriage.
3.2. Passengers details can be changed not later than 24 hours before departure.
3.3. Any changes require a written form.
3.4. Fee for self-done change in booking throw online and the first change with help of customer service is not charged.
3.5. For the second and each subsequent booking changes with help of customer service will be charged 10 euro per booking.
3.6. Changing the date of departure and / or route, downgrading of class cabin with a decrease in the value equal to the cancellation. 3.7. In case of changing the value of the cabin or additional services while reducing the number of passengers booking in the smaller side, the difference to the cost of the original booking will not be refunded. 
3.8. No show bookings for the first departure date in the cruse is automatically cancelled for the whole route if company is not informed in the written form in advance.