Travel with your own car in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and St. Petersburg

Unique evrotrip by car, motorcycle or bicycle is a dream for many travelers. This is a very convenient way to travel: take the luggage and go in search of adventure. 

We are sure that the best way to start a road trip across Europe or Russia is a cruise by Princess Anastasia ferry in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. Why do we think so? Everything is very simple: you save time on border crossing process, you can visit Russia without a visa and you can relax comfortably on the ferry. 

In the cruise season 2017 schedule thought out to the last detail. You can go from Helsinki to Tallinn just for 4 hours. From Tallinn to Stockholm, from Stockholm to Helsinki, from Helsinki to St. Petersburg or from St. Petersburg to Helsinki — only one night. Travel by ferry opens more roads for you!

Conditions of the offer:
∙ Transportation of vehicles carried out on the car deck of the ferry
∙ Car deck is closed during the cruise
∙ Conditions for the carriage of transport is on the site