Taking into account the temporary ban on visiting the Republic of Estonia by foreign citizens imposed by the government of the country since March 17, 2020, and according the regulation published by the port of Tallinn regarding the impact of the measures taken on passenger transport, MOBY SPL will make changes to the schedule of the Princess Anastasia ferry. At the moment, the Company has sent official requests to the supervising authorities to assess the situation and form final decisions.

MOBY SPL ferry company is ready to start the cruise season according to the schedule from March 21, 2020. However, the final decision will be made only if there is no any threat to the life and health of passengers, after receiving full explanations from the port authorities and regulatory authorities of Estonia, Finland and Russia. No later than 18: 00 17.03.2020, to the official website will be published detailed information about changes in the schedule. 

We kindly ask all passengers and media representatives to take into account only the official comments from the MOBY SPL company.