Stockholm — Helsinki

Enjoy a relaxing cruise between the two capitals of Finland and Sweden; Helsinki and Stockholm. Onboard our ships we offer a wide range of onboard activities. Visit one of the restaurants and bars and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the famous archipelago of Stockholm and the Åland Islands when passing there as well. You can take your car with you.

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Departure dates:

April: 10,16,24

May: 1,10,14,22,28

June: 5,11,19,25

July: 3,9,17,23,31

August: 6,14,20,28

September: 3,11,17,25

October: 1,9,15,23,29

November: 6,12,20,26

December: 4,10,18,24

Departure time: 17:30 local time

Travel time: one night