Tallinn — Stockholm — Helsinki

Mini cruise is your choice when you want to enjoy a small break in the Baltic Sea. Start in Tallinn and 2 Baltic capitals more I one cruise. 2 nights onboard will make you feel relaxing. This cruise aimed to provide the most pleasant voyage possible for all our passengers. You can take your car with you.

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2 nights in the sea
once a week

Departure dates:

July: 2,8,16,22,39

August: 5, 13, 19,27

September: 2,10,16,24,30

October: 8,14,22,28

November: 5,11,19,25

December: 3,9,17,23

Departure time: 18:30 local time

Travel time: 2 nights onboard

Сabin prices for departures from Tallinn to Stockholm and Helsinki: 
  • One way trip from from 4 to 6 June 49 € per B2V class cabin, from 58 € per B class cabin and from 90 € per A (with a window) class cabin
  • One way trip from from 10 to 11 June 47 € per B2V class cabin, from 55 € per B class cabin and from 86 € per A (with a window) class cabin
  • One way trip from from 18 to 20 June 50 € per B2V class cabin, from 59 € per B class cabin and from 59 € per A (with a window) class cabin

Terms and conditions:

  • Valid only for new individual booking (up to 9 passengers in one booking) upon cabins availability
  • Fees and city bus tours (transfer service) should be paid additionally.
  • It`s mandatory to fill in passengers passport details. Bookings without passport details will be recalculated with regular rates.
  • The quantity of cabins is limited.