Passenger security regulations


In order to ensure the comfort, safety and security of all persons onboard, passengers are to follow these security regulations, instructions on safety and security given by the personnel of the ship or as stipulated by signs placed on board.

  • The passenger must be able to show a valid boarding pass with EAN code and on request prove his identity.
  • Anyone on board a vessel or in harbour premises may be subjected to a bodily search or an interview for the matters of safety and security

The passenger must have the necessary, valid travel documents in his possession. If the shipping company is liable or otherwise affected by expenses due to lacking travel or other documents of a passenger, the passenger is liable for covering these expenses.

A passenger may not board the ship, if he behaves threateningly, disturbingly or annoyingly to other passengers, does not fulfill the stipulated requirements, is indecently dressed or for any other valid reason

Only alcohol bought in the ship’s restaurants may be consumed onboard. The possession and use of drugs is prohibited. In the ship’s restaurants one is not allowed to have self brought food or beverage except special diet or baby food or beverage. Pets are not allowed to board.

The passengers are not allowed to bring hazardous objects or material onboard. Using open fire (real candles, gas cookers etc.) onboard is prohibited

The passenger is responsible for the comfort of his co-passengers onboard. In the cabin area listening to audio equipment without headphones is not allowed and silence starts at eleven pm (23:00 hours local time).

The passenger is not entitled to conduct business or other sales activity onboard, to organize funds, run lottery or propaganda activity, agitate or give political speeches, unless the activity has been agreed upon with the shipping company in advance.