Tallinn City museum
Date: 22.05.2019 - 15.05.2021
Place: Tallinn City museum

How the fortress became a city. To the 800th anniversary of the Danish city

How old are settlements in Tallinn? When did the settlement become a city? How did they live here in the first years under the dominion of Denmark? The exhibition presents the birth of Tallinn in three stages: Tallinn before it became a city, Tallinn when Valdemar II arrived and the foundation of the city. The exposition includes archaeological materials from scientific collections of the Tallinn City Museum and Tallinn University. And for comparison, items from Tartu, Riga and Lund are exhibited. Here you can see an animated model of the formation of the city since the Danish domination, made by the artist Jüri Ratas.

Mamma Mia! Behind The Movie Magic
Date: 11.02.2020 - 06.04.2020
Place: Stockholm, ABBA museum, Djurgardsvagen 68

ABBA The Museum welcomes you to step in behind the scenes of the Mamma Mia! movies. A temporary exhibition that shows all the hard work and magic of movie making.

Flea market at Kungholmstorg
Date: 11.02.2020 - 06.04.2020
Place: Stockholm, Kungsholmstorg 21

We are sure that many of you, like us, are very fond of small fun markets where colorful sellers sell all sorts of strange and curious little things, often unique and rare. If you like such places, then you will have a great opportunity to visit the largest flea market in Sweden, which this year marks its tenth anniversary and where you can find everything you want.

TMW Tallinn music week
Date: 25.03.2020 - 28.03.2020
Place: Tallinn

Today, the festival, in addition to a rich music program, is also the largest festival of urban culture in the Baltic States, which offers residents and guests of the Estonian capital the opportunity to participate in public discussions, visit exhibitions and film screenings, get acquainted with food trends, and much more. In addition to music industry issues, TMW also discusses many other topics: from brand development research to analysis of areas of influence on the daily life of design and media.

Estonian music days
Date: 27.03.2020 - 03.04.2020
Place: Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Harju maakond

For more than 30 years, Estonian music days has been one of the main festivals that presented new works by Estonian composers. The festival consists mainly of premieres, the program is balanced by Estonian and foreign colors in various genres and offers music to both connoisseurs of chamber compositions and grandiose performances.