Conditions for cooperation

Working directly with the ferry company, guarantees substantial bonuses that we offer you to use.

For comfortable work with travel agencies ST.PETER LINE offers the most favorable conditions:

• Signing a contract with ST.PETER LINE gives you financial guarantees.

• For a personal acquaintance with the products and services being offered to your customers, we also provide an affiliate "advertising" cruises, which gives the opportunity to see it with your own eyes.

• Colorful brochures, posters, catalogs, and stickers for sales promotions are available free of charge upon request.

• Contacts of the travel agency will be published on the website ST.PETER LINE, which has a high attendance.

• ST.PETER LINE news about the latest developments and special offers of the company will come to you first in the form of mailing to your preferred email.

Download an agency agreement

Start a profitable cooperation with the ferry company ST.PETER LINE now!

1. Download, complete and sign the agency agreement in 2 copies, where necessary:

  • Specify the name of the organization
  • Indicate the position of the signatory of the contract (CEO, director, head of sales ...) and full names
  • Specify, what documents allows the signatory to act.

2. Prepare main scans of these required documents

1. Memorandum and Articles of Association

2. Certificate of incorporation

3. Certificate of Registry

4. Certificate of Registered office

5. Certificate of Directors

6. Certificate of Shareholders

7. Tax certificate

3. Send the scans of the signed contract and the basic necessary documents (see points. 1, 2) to our specialists by e-mail

4. Send the original agreement and the certified true copies of the above documents to the address: Russian Federation, 199106, St. Petersburg, Morskoy Slavy Square, bld. 1, 5th floor, office 5025.

Download an agency agreement