Ferry schedule changes

Dear passengers,

Please be informed that due to bad weather condition, the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations decided to close the flood prevention facility complex (dam) in the afternoon of September 15, 2019. This has led to changes in the schedule of the ferry Princess Anastasia from St. Petersburg. 

Check-in and embarkation of passengers are conducted in accordance with regular schedules, without changes.

Due to force majeure circumstances, the following changes have been made to the schedule of the ferry Princess Anastasia:

  • Time of departure from St. Petersburg on September 15 — 23:00 (LT)
  • Time of arrival in Helsinki on September 16 — 11:00 (LT)
  • Estimated time of arrival in Tallinn on September 16 — 14:40 (LT)
  • Ttime of departure from Tallinn on September 16 — 20:30 (LT)

This information will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.