2018 will see the arrival of two German built ships, already under construction in the Flensburg yard, new acquisitions by the Onorato family. They will be the biggest ro-ro in the Mediterranean, able to carry up to 310 semitrailers with a capacity of 4100 linear metres each. The first will be launched in May and will come into service at the beginning of autumn, while the second will be operative by the end of the year.

New ships with a low environmental impact, confirming the great attention that the Onorato family pays to respecting and safeguarding the seas and the environment surrounding them, guaranteeing an important reduction in emissions with the aim of safeguarding nature. Ships that are also much more efficient and capacious than those they will replace, with a cargo capacity three times greater, that will serve a network of connections that is increasingly impressive, with many daily departures to permit an increasingly dense network of connections between the many ports served by the Group.

It’s a true industrial program that is being implemented, with the end objective of completely replacing the “Classe Espresso” ships with new vessels, all newly built, functional and latest generation. Modern ships that can ensure the best possible service to road transporters, capable of speeds that can improve and guarantee the maximum punctuality and deliveries, a vitally important factor for the haulage contractors sector, with which the Onorato Group has always maintained a constant dialogue and the most complete sharing of objectives.