MOBY SPL company invites you to depart on the first cruises of the 2020 season to meet the Baltic spring together. Booking of cruises on the Baltic Sea is open! 

On March 21, after quality technical renovations, the ferry Princess Anastasia will depart from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. It will be the first cruise of the new season. On March 22, you can go from Helsinki to beautiful St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm. The schedule of the new season takes into account the wishes of our passengers. We have planned unique routes for visiting St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Stockholm, Helsinki and Riga. Please note that the visa free travels to Russia will be just as convenient for you as this year. The ferry schedule for 2020 provides for 2 or 3 arrivals to St. Petersburg every week. The update of 2020 schedule is a two visits to Riga in May and direct route from Tallinn to Petersburg from June 12 to 13. 

2020 promises to be exciting cruise year! Because this is the tenth year of work for the company. We will celebrate the anniversary! Hundreds of smiles, wonderful show programs, parties in bars, delicious Italian cuisine — every day on board the ferry will be special. 

During one cruise you will be able to visit the four Baltic capitals: wonderful St.Petersburg (Russia), fabulous Tallinn (Estonia), stylish Stockholm (Sweden) and peaceful Helsinki (Finland). This unique opportunity will give you many positive emotions and good memories — beautiful sea sunsets, fresh Baltic wind, new knowledges, new people and the most delicious cuisine of different countries. Visiting St. Petersburg without a Russian visa is the second unique opportunity of travel by the ferry Princess Anastasia. St.Petersburg is a city of rich history, great museums, theaters and amazing people. We will be happy to open this city for you!

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The company MOBY SPL LIMITED is a European ferry operator that was founded in 2016 as a result of an association of the companies ST. PETER LINE and the largest Italian ferry operator Moby Lines. Every year, company generates more than 310,000 passenger days (approximately 120,000 unique passengers)