Receiving online payments


Dear customers

Please be informed that the sales and payment for your cruise travel by the ferry Princess Anastasia on the website are processed by InvoiceBox system.

InvoiceBox OU is authorized by MOBY SPL as an agent to obtain funds for the services.

InvoiceBox is a trademark of an international group of companies providing services for organizing and maintaining electronic sales to travel industry enterprises. The history of InvoiceBox has more than 10 years of successful activity. Acting as an agent for large carriers, the company provides 24-hour electronic sales in Russia to the European Union and China, maintaining a high level of technological support for the process of electronic sales, interaction with banks, payment gateways, booking systems, control of settlements with customers and their support, timely issuance of tickets , tours and cruises, search of payments and so on. Own development staff allows the company to constantly work on improving the technology. The clients of Invoicebox are large carriers Aeroflot, KLM, Air France, Tallink, etc. In the European Union, InvoiceBox OU was established, which should provide customer service from the Baltic countries. The history of cooperation with St.Peterlne (Moby SPL) begins with the very first cruise, made in the 20XX. During the period of cooperation with our company, InvoiceBox Group has established itself as a reliable partner, supporting a service for our customers at a high level. In the navigation of 2018, our company decided to expand cooperation and sign a contract with InvoiceBox OU.