Let's talk about the opportunities.

In difficult periods we become more flexible, we learn new things and we abandon old patterns easily. That is why any restrictions are new opportunities.

And the situation that is happening in the world is no exception. Why? Let's look at this with examples:

  1. you stay at home you spend more time with your family and do your favorite hobbies
  2. cafes and restaurants are closed you can experiment in your kitchen or order delivery from new places
  3. cinemas and theaters are closed many theaters and online resources opened free access to a large collection of films, series and performances that can be watched online
  4. you cannot meet relatives and friends it's time to learn video calls and group chats

In any situation, you can always find many advantages. You just need to try and look at it from the other side.

But what to do with those trips that have been canceled? Our recommendation is to change the dates of these trips. And that's why:

  1. your reservation has been paid at the old price à you fix the cost of your future vacation, regardless of the financial situation in the world
  2. changing dates for travel à the opportunity to receive a bonus equal to 15% of your booking value, the bonus can be used to pay for cabins, fees, excursions and any additional services (except meals)
  3. unstable situation à it’s possible that changing travel dates for someone will be the only opportunity for a vacation at pre-crisis prices this year
  4. borders of some countries are closed à when the borders will be open, the cost of all tickets and tours can be higher, and you already have a great plan for the first trip

«Do today what others do not want, tomorrow you will live like others cannot.» (Jared Leto)