Deck tickets

Decks: 8

The deck ticket is a great opportunity to accommodate on the ferry Princess Anastasia for all travelers who want to save money and get an interesting travel experience. It's time for fun and adventure!

Deck tickets are available for one way routes for one night from Helsinki to St. Petersburg or from St. Petersburg to Helsinki (or Tallinn). If you book deck tickets, you will be accommodated in a special comfort lounge on deck 8. The entrance through the casino PAF. During your trip you can visit restaurants, bars, Duty Free shop, Italian boutique, aqua zone, cinema or you can enjoy beautiful sea views. Our cafe Bake & Coffee on deck 6 is open for you 24 hours.

Deck ticket can be part of your cruise trip. For example, if you are planning a cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm, Helsinki and St.Petersburg, you can book a cabin. And for the route from St. Petersburg to Helsinki or Tallinn you can book a deck ticket.

Please note that deck tickets don't mean accommodation in cabins and storage of luggage on board the ferry.