Kids Playroom

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Travelling with children becomes more comfortable.

A variety of entertainment won't bore our young passengers and their parents will be able to spend some time for themselves.

The ferry has a large game room. Your child will be able to participate in tournaments of real pirates, paint a portrait of the captain or just play around with the other kids in the play room under the guidance of a qualified nanny. Slides, labyrinths and a sea of balls will captivate the young passengers. For art lovers, pencils and paper are ready to get used. While young passengers are passionated about games, parents can relax next to the café «Bake & Coffee» have dinner or see a show in the Music Hall.

Children up to 6 years old — only under the supervision of a parent (the presence of an adult is free).

Please follow our rules:
  1. Kidz Club is opened for kids aged 0 to 8 years.
  2. Parents of kids aged 0 to 6(inclusive) years must play with them in Kidz Club.
  3. Entrance for kids aged 7 8 years: Parents should ask  the administrator / animator regarding the possibility of leaving them alone under the guidance in our Kidz Club.
  4. Parents should give a bottle of still water with the child.
  5. During the open hours you can visit Kidz Club unlimited number of times.
  6. Socks are necessary to attend the Kidz Club for both kids and parents.
  7. If you have doubts that your kids can play comfortably without you you can stay with them at the Kidz Club from time to time.
Attention, during your stay in the Kidz Club is forbidden:
  1. To leave ill children.
  2. To attend in the outerwear and boots.
  3. To use mobile phones, laptops, tablets and video game consoles.
  4. To eat and feed the kids.
  5. To drink anything except still water.
  6. To take away toys, constructors, pens and other equipment which belongs to the Kidz Club.
  7. To show any kind of aggression: fighting, kicking, biting, committing any moral or physical harm to others.
  8. To bring in the personal toys.
  9. Drunk and/or aggressive parents are not allowed to attend the Kidz Club.
Kidz Club — is little island of comfort for you and your kids. Let’s play friendly!

Opening hours:

Sankt-Petersburg Helsinki/Tallinn Helsinki Stockholm Tallinn
18:30-22:30 18:30-22:30 18:30-22:30 18:30-22:30 18:30-22:30