Creative classes

Decks: 6

Creative workshops are to bhe found on the Princess Anastasia cruise ship on deck 8.

Our creative artists prepare new discoveries for you every day!

Information for participants

The workshops are suitable for adults as well as children. Workshops are structured according to topics and level of difficulty. That's why you'll definitely find something that's right for you. The results of your work will long remind you of this pleasant journey and delight your friends and loved ones.

Opening hours of the workshop on days of the cruise (subject to change):



Helsinki Stockholm Tallin
18:30 22:30 18:30 22:30 18:30 22:30 18:30 22:30 18:30 22:30

How to take part

  • To take part in the creative workshops you select an interesting lesson (see the list below).
  • To participate pay directly to the employee (8th deck, next to the game room).
  • For every fifth workshop, you get a gift!

Topics and prices

  • Polymer clay bracelet. 10 EUR
  • Modeling icons or magnets made of polymer clay. 10 EUR
  • Painting of wooden badges or magnets. 10 EUR
  • Painting of colored sand. 10 EUR
  • Postcards in the technique of "scrap booking". 10 EUR
  • Frames (painting, collage, decoupage) 10 EUR
  • Kaleidoscopes: assembly and decoration. 10 EUR
  • Felting wool. Brooch flower. 10 EUR
  • Jewelry made of polymer clay. Earrings and Pendant. 15 EUR
  • Clocks (decoupage, collage, painting) 15 EUR
  • Stained glass painting. Panels in a framework / candlesticks.15 EUR