Restaurants and bars

Decks: 4, 7, 8, 10

The Princess Maria ferry is a true floating city on board, where you can have fun and relax. During the cruise on the Baltic Sea, on board works for you nine first-class restaurants and bars. In the menu features the most fresh and delicious for every taste and budget.

On the 8th deck is the famous restaurant Seven Seas, which daily gives breakfast and dinner buffet style, implying a creative approach to creating your personal menu. The amount of food and drinks is unlimited. Guests will appreciate the restaurant's wide selection of appetizers, salads, seafood, hot dishes and, of course, fresh desserts. If you are a gourmet, vegetarian or you practice a special diet, this restaurant is for you. Mix and match to your taste!

Try the signature dishes from the chef and taste the most exquisite wines in the Explorer's restaurant, located on the 7th deck of the ferry. The menu is perfect for those who prefer dishes of Russian and European cuisine, and taking care of their health, watching lactose and gluten in foods. The decoration of the restaurant is a perfectly fit for a family or a romantic dinner in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Explore the culinary delights and make sure it's available! The average bill without alcohol: 36 EUR.

For those who wish to have a snack, on the 4th deck works round the clock а spacious and cozy cafe Bake&Coffee. Here you can have a good breakfast, lunch or dinner, selecting only what pleases you. If necessary, the cafe staff will help you warm up the baby food for our youngest passengers.

Why not in the way towards Helsinki not visit, for example, Italy? For all the fans of spicy Italian cuisine, on board works a restaurant in a unique lightness and home spirit, Napoli Mia. Five types of pizza, authentic minestrone, soups, pastas, salads and the legendary dessert Pana Cotta at the most affordable prices.

For the fun company, on the ferry until late at night is open the bar Funny Rabbit. It is here that are broadcasted high-profile sports events, performances by talented musicians and karaoke shows. Is not only fun, but also delicious, the menu presents a variety of draft beers and hearty snacks.

After a full day of emotions, always comes the time for an unforgettable fun time! Every evening we invite you to the legendary Bar Columbus, the center of musical life on board. Sit down in a comfortable chair, drink a couple of cocktails and become part of the grand celebration.

Всех кто жаждет продолжения банкета, мы приглашаем на 8 палубу в DISCO-club. Веселитесь и зажигайте до самого утра под лучшие мировые хиты и бодрящие коктейли от наших барменов.

Anyone who longs to continue the feast, we invite you to the 8th deck in the DISCO-club. Have fun and light up until the morning by the world's best hits and refreshing cocktails from our bartenders. And with the arrival of the hot summer season parties, on the 10th deck we offer you "floating dance floor" the Sky Bar in the open air. At night, the lights are bright mindless fun to cover the Baltic Sea. This is impossible to miss!