Check-in and terminals

Imporant to remember — the time of each stage and necessary documents for them.

Pay attention:

• for owners of private vehicles (the car) is designated a special time.

• Once the landing time ends up, the passenger will not be able to get on board, so stick to the recommended schedules below.

Schedule for Princess Anastasia 

Monday St.Petersburg  09:00 19:00
Tuesday Tallinn 09:00 18:30
Wednesday Stockholm 09:30 17:30
Thursday Helsinki 11:30 19:00
Friday St.Petersburg 09:00 19:00
Saturday Helsinki 08:00 18:00
Sunday St.Petersburg 09:00 18:00
Monday Helsinki 07:00 08:30
Monday Tallinn 12:30 18:30
Tuesday Stockholm 09:30 17:30
Wednesday Helsinki 11:30 19:00
Thursday St.Petersburg 09:00 19:00
Friday Helsinki 08:00 18:00
Saturday St.Petersburg 09:00 19:00
Sunday Helsinki 08:00 18:00

Terminal in St. Petersburg 

Cruise ferry "Princess Anastasia" from MOBY SPL arrive and depart to/from the Sea Station «Morskoy Vokzal».

Russia, St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Island, Morskoy Slavy square, 1

Check-in for boarding ends one hour before sailing.

At the Sea Station you can have lunch at a restaurant (floor 7), visit a souvenir shop, use a cash machine, hire a car or order a taxi.


Terminal in Helsinki 

Cruise ferry "Princess Anastasia" from MOBY SPL arrive and depart to/from LANSITERMINAALI (West Terminal).


Terminal in Stockholm 

Cruise ferry "Princess Anastasia" from MOBY SPL arrive and depart to/from FRIHAMNEN Terminal.

FRIHAMNEN, Frihamnsgatan 61.
Tel.: + 46 8 459 77 00


All passengers are required to present a passport before boarding the ship. All passengers travelling visa free have to reserve city bus tour in St. Petersburg in advance.


Frihamnen Terminal has the Café Frihamnen where you can have a snack, tea or coffee. 


Terminal in Tallinn 

Cruise ferry "Princess Anastasia" from MOBY SPL  arrive and depart to/from Terminal A.

Sadama 25/2 15051, Passenger Terminal A

The Terminal has two cafeterias where you can have a snack, tea or coffee. At the Tallinn Terminal you can also exchange currency and buy souvenirs at local shops.