Social Responsibility

Our main goal is that you have a pleasant journey. MOBY SPL is aware of its social position and supports social programs.

Support for veterans and pensioners

As a sign of respect and gratitude, our company offers special conditions for the veterans of Leningrad and pensioners.

Support for passengers with physical impairment

A trip on the Baltic Sea should also be possible for passengers with physical impairment. Therefore, MOBY SPL helps rehab centers with the organization of cruises.

Cooperation with charity organizations

We have the dream that every child, regardless of their background, can broaden their horizons. Therefore, we arrange tours for children's charities with the program: "The whole world - a gift for children"

Environmental Protection

We, from MOBY SPL, comply with international environmental standards. Since 1st of January 2015 we are using a new marine diesel whose sulfur content is not more than 0.1%. Driving with MOBY SPL is comfortable and safe. We take care of our environment.

The strenght of our company is to go new ways and to create emotions. These values ​​are lived by our employees. We would like to thank our partners for the good cooperation.