Become a member of the Captain's Club


The Captain's Club card gives you the opportunity to earn bonus points for purchases in the MOBY SPL company. And you can spend bonus points in such a way to get even more pleasure from your trip!

Special offers

What are the benefits? 




Bonus points at the rate of 2% of

the cost of the cruise *

Bonus points at the rate of 4% of

the cost of the trip *


Bonus points at the rate of 4% of

the cost of the trip *


Exclusive discounts and special offers for card holders.

* Except group bookings, charters, barters and trips, bought at discount websites. Show your card before booking.

*** Calculated as 1 bonus point = 1 EUR


How to be a member? 




The card is issued to each passenger who

has reached the age of 16 years and in

completing the application forms for the

production of an ID with an unique number.

The upgrade of the STANDARD card to the

SILVER status, occurs when the card as

accumulated 500 bonus points.

1 bonus = 1 euro. To do this,

you should send a request for the issue 

of a new card to 

the e-mail:


The upgrade of the SILVER card to

the GOLD status, occurs when the

card as accumulated 1000 bonus points.

1 bonus = 1 euro.To do this, you must

send a request for the issue of a new

card to e-mail:


  • Fill in the form on our website,

on the ferries, in the area of ​​registration or

in the MOBY SPL sales offices

  • Your card can be issued to you

30 days after you fill in a questionnaire

Inquiries about card readiness by

telephone +7921-916-24-60 or

you can send an

e-mail to

  • The finished card can be obtained

in the MOBY SPL offices 

IMPORTANT: accumulated bonus

points are deducted and are not

transferred to the new card when

change the STANDARD card

to the SILVER

IMPORTANT: accumulated bonus

points are deducted and are not

transferred to the new card when

change the SILVER card to the GOLD 



  • Show your Captain’s Club card before booking/check in.
  • The program does not apply during Happy Hours and any other special offers time both for accumulating bonuses and using bonuses for payments.
  • Captain’s Club cards cannot be transferred to other passengers. In case of unauthorized usage, the bonuses will not be charged.
  • If you have questions regarding the Captain’s Club program please write to us

Travel with Captain`s Club! Fill out the form below:

The Regular Сustomer Сard can be used only by the person whose name appears on the face of the card. The card is not transferable. By signing this Application form, the Card holder (Applicant) confirms his/her consent to processing (collection, storage, sharing, correction, renewal, alteration, transfer, including cross-boundary transfer, depersonalization, blockage and annihilation) and use of personal data, specified in the present Application and received upon the company’s request by any means and acts that conform to the requirements of the federal law «On Personal Data» № 152-FZ. The company reserves the right to hand over the Card holder’s data to other companies, suppliers of goods and services and to agents, complying with the duty of confidentiality, including third party service providers who help the Company to meet its obligations to the Applicant, including but not limited to technical and software services, safety assurance services of the Company and its affiliates. The present agreement is given for the period of time which does not exceed 3 (three) years after the last use of the Company’s services and it can be terminated at any time upon receiving a written notice from the Applicant.

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