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The restaurant Explorer's presents the best traditions of the Russian and European cuisine. The walls inside are decorated with marine ornaments, the lights from stained glass lamps gently fall on the azure tablecloths and blue carpets.

Foreign guests, who would like to get acquainted with the traditional Russian cuisine, may try these Chef's recommended dishes: beluga caviar, different appetizers and pickles, authentic Siberian pelmeni (dumplings), kotleta po-kievski (Chicken Kiev) and, of course, the famous borsch — the culinary specialty of Russia.

Gourmands are sure to like the Chef's specialties: beef steak a'la “Princess Maria” and salad “Princess Maria” with warm goat cheese. Our desserts should get your special attention. Make sure that you try the most tender pancakes with strawberry “Po-Romanovskiy” served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which were recreated from the recipe of Marie Antoine Carême, the Royal Parisian pastry Chef.

The wine list includes wonderful French wines, refined Spanish wines as well as Chilean and Australian wines.

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