Meet the amazing and diverse architecture of St. Petersburg and its rich history, and visit the citadel of the city, the Peter and Paul Fortress, and majestic St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Acquaintance with the city will begin with a sightseeing bus tour. You will hear fascinating stories about the history of the city and its main attractions, entertaining facts and curiosities of the past and present of the Northern capital. You will be invited to take pictures at the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, which offers a magnificent view of the embankments of the city and one of the most beautiful temples in the world - the Spilled Blood Cathedral (exterior view only).

The excursion program will feature a detailed acquaintance with the two architectural and historical dominants of St. Petersburg, which form the unique silhouette of the Northern capital.

As a part of our tour, you will stroll around the Peter and Paul Fortress, which gave birth to a new city. The dominant building within this great bastion is the Peter and Paul Cathedral (inside visit included), it has a 400-ft-high (122m) fragile spire, covered with gold leaf, supporting an angel bearing a cross. Over the course of two centuries the Cathedral was the burial ground for many members of the royal Romanov family, including Peter the Great, Alexander II and the last Russian Tsar Nicolay II (cousin of George V) and his family.

You will also enjoy a guided tour of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest Orthodox church in St. Petersburg created by Auguste Montferrand, “Michelangelo of the North”. This magnificent building took 40 years to complete, and the great dome, covered with more than 200 pounds of pure gold, is one of the largest in the world. It was one of the main cathedrals of the Russian Orthodox Church at the time of the Russian Empire. The structure is supported by 112 monolithic columns and the interior is elaborately decorated with more than 30 different kinds of marble, spectacular mosaics, painted ceiling murals and sculptures.

Duration: 6h


  • 80 € (English, German)
  • 85 € Finnish

Price for child:

  • 40 € (English, German)
  • 45 € Finnish    
  • Children 0-6 y.o. free of charge

Dear passengers, please be informed that all participants of excursions from our company have priority exit from the board of the ferry. This opportunity will save you time and you will enjoy the city all day.

MOBY SPL reserves the right to cancel the tour due to shortage of excursion groups.