Meal prices ()


Meals Adult Children 4-12 Infant 0-3 
  in advance on board in advance on board  
Prices when buying in advance and on board
Breakfast in restaurant Princess’s Garden
13  15  6,5  7,5  Free
Deluxe breakfast inA'la carte restaurant 18  20  10  Free
Dinner in restaurant Princess’s Garden
31  34  15,5  17  Free
Prices for full meal packages when buying in advance
Meal package for a 2 day cruise (2 breakfasts and 2 dinners in the Princess’s Garden restaurant)

82 €

(savings 6 €)

42 €

(savings 2 €)

 Meal package for a 4 day cruise (4 breakfasts and 4 dinners in the Princess’s Garden restaurant)

160 €

(savings 16 €)

80 €

(savings 8 €)

Deluxe meal package for a 2 day cruise (2 breakfasts in the New York restaurant and 2 dinners in the Princess’s Garden restaurant)

92 €

(savings 6 €)

46 €

(savings 3 €)

Deluxe meal package for a 4 day cruise (4 breakfasts in the New York restaurant and 4 dinners in the Princess’s Garden restaurant)

177,2 €

(savings 18,8 €)

88 €

(savings 10 €)



* Regular dinner includes beer and wine without restrictions.

* Passage to the Princess’s Garden restaurant for children under 13 years old (inclusive) is possible only accompanied by adults who also bought food.

* Full meal packages are available for booking from 27.07.18. The cost of previous bookings is not recalculated.



Drinks All Inclusive Advance purchase Price on board
Cruise for 4 days 120  130 
Cruise for 2 days 70  80 

All Inclusive drink vouchers should be exchanged for a special bracelets at the information desk on board the ferry (6 deck).

Drinks included:

  • Prosecco, Vodka, Whisky, Rum, Gin, Wine, Beer, Water, Soft Drinks

Restaurants, bars and cafes included:

  • Columbus Bar  deck 7, (All inclusive doesn't work during evening show)
  • Sport Bar LEGEND  deck 7 
  • Cafe Bake & Coffee deck 6

Rules for the use of All inclusive bracelets :

  1. The package is valid and connected to the lenght of the cruise (4-days cruise can only buy 4-days all inclusive).
  2. The guest will be provided with a bracelet and a card at the check-in showing that he purchased the All inclusive drink package.
  3. The guest should be wearing the bracelet during the entire cruise. In case bracelet is taken off it stops being valid.
  4. In order to receive the all inclusive service, the passenger has to present BOTH the bracelet AND the card
  5. Each package is valid for only one person and can’t be transferred to another person.
  6. List of drinks included are shown as above and all other drinks have to be paid separately. The names of drinks should be clarified by bartenders.
  7.  Drinks received in one restaurant/bar should be consumed at the same restaurant/bar, it is prohibited to take them out of this place.
  8. The passenger has to collect the drinks directly at the counter due to registration process.
  9. The guest may receive only one drink at each order.
  10. Breaking of the rules above leads to bracelet’s confiscation.
  11. All bars/cafes where bracelets are valid have special symbol at the entrance.
  12. The service is unavailable during the evening show at the Columbus bar.