Paf Casino

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On the ferry Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia all occupants and guests of St. Petersburg have an unique opportunity to visit the real absolutely legal casino Paf!

Paf — is a Scandinavian company, which was founded in 1966 and operates under the laws of a license for gambling. Paf Casino's profit goes to charity. If you win — you get the money. If the casino wins — the profit goes to charity.

Roulette, poker, slot machines, betting, blackjack ... What once seemed a distant beautiful dream about incredible luck, in the ST.PETER LINE cruises is closer than ever! Dozens of game options, impeccably trained staff, excellent compliments to the players: all favors to win to both beginners and experienced pros. One of the main differences between Paf Casino is the fact that on board the ferries you can play exclusive gambling games and slot machines, analogues which do not exist.

Paf Casino's are guided by international gaming rules, therefore the available games, even if you play for the first time, the mathematical probability of winning is 98 percent. Try what you like, and share the success with your friends!

If you only set up for success, Paf casino and ST.PETER LINE offer a special VIP-cruises LUCKY CRUISES, which include a deposit to play in a casino, and a free package: cabin, breakfasts and dinners, personalized, exceptional service and maximum discounts on the ferry services.

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