The target audience

During the operation on the lines on the ST.PETER LINE ferries, the company's services benefited from more than 2.5 million passengers. The average passenger traffic per month is more than 100 000 people. Advertising on ferries is designed both for Russian consumers, and the wider audience of European citizens. For some people on board they have the economy class cabins and an affordable cafeteria, for others — a luxurious two-bedroom apartments and an impressive dining a la carte.

Appropriate targeting ensures an effective dialogue with your customer.


Depending on your goals and audience, professionals of ST.PETER LINE offer an optimal media plan, media advertising format and placement with a maximum traffic: central entrance, information desks, entrances to shops, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, elevators, walkways to the cabin and etc.

Media formats and channels

Indoor: visual advertising indoor media

Light boxes (68 pieces, a variety of formats)

Posters (57 pieces, a variety of formats)

Stands for advertising (8 pieces (4 on each ferry)

Video Advertising (30-second spots in public areas and cabins of high class, the total number of screens — 154, broadcast — every 30 minutes)

POSM: light print media advertising in places of your target audience

Flyers (size optional)

Stickers (size and format on request)


Onboard magazine (212*276mm, 30 000 copies, the number of pages — 80, while the output — 1 print every 2 months).

Contact information:

Anna Sorokina


Тел.:  + 7 (812) 702 07 77

BTL: direct contact with the target audience

Promotions (leafleting, tasting, consultations, etc.)

Nonstandard promotion (workshops, art objects, integration into the shows, ambient, etc.)


Contact the ST.PETER LINE advertising department and we will prepare you the best media plan:


Tel.: +7 (921) 933 03 66