Fixed prices in May and June

Dear friends, we have a unique offer for visa-free cruises to St. Petersburg in May and June. Especially for you we fixed prices for standard cabins classes for cruises from Helsinki. 

May is the time of the warm sun, beautiful sunsets and pleasant rest. At this time, there is a light romance atmosphere in the Baltic air. This feeling will be the main thing during the cruises in May and June on the ferry Princess Anastasia. This is the festive time of the year. We will have many reasons for fun: Mother's Day is celebrated on 12 May, The International Day of Families is on May 15 and on May 27 we will celebrate the birthday of beautiful St. Petersburg. This is going to be fun. And May in St.Petersburg is a wonderful time. Warm spring, bright sun, boat trips along the canals and rivers and many other activities are waiting for you.

Cruises with 1 day in St. Petersburg

Cruise on the route «Helsinki — St. Petersburg — Helsinki» from 17 to 19 May:

  • Class cabins B2V — 50 € per cabin
  • Class cabins B for 4 passengers — 70 € per cabin

Cruise on the route «Helsinki — St. Petersburg — Tallinn» from 19 to 21 May:

  • Class cabins B2V — 40 € per cabin
  • Class cabins B for 4 passengers — 66 € per cabin
  • Class cabins A (with a window) — 85 € per cabin

Cruises on the route «Helsinki — St. Petersburg — Helsinki» from 14 to 16 June, from 22 to 24 June and from 28 to 30 June :

  • Class cabins B2V — 62 € per cabin
  • Class cabins A (with a window) — 115 € per cabin
Cruises with 3 days in St. Petersburg

Сruise on the route «Helsinki — St. Petersburg» from 17 to 18 May and «St. Petersburg — Tallinn» from 20 to 21 May:

  • Class cabins B2V — 70 € per cabin
  • Class cabins B for 4 passengers — 100 € per cabin

Please note that if you don't have a Russian visa, you need to book a hotel in St. Petersburg through our company. Information about hotels is on the site

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Terms and conditions:

  • Booking period: 22.04.19 – 14.06.19 (subject to availability of cabins)
  • Promo valid for standard cabin classes B2V, B4 and A4.
  • Valid only for new individual booking (up to 9 passengers in one booking) upon cabins availability
  • Fees and city bus tours (transfer service) should be paid additionally.
  • Penalty is 100% in case of cancellation from the moment of booking.
  • It`s mandatory to fill in passengers passport details. Bookings without passport details will be recalculated with regular rates.
  • The quantity of cabins is limited.