Surprises in the cabin

Cruise is the most original gift for yourself and loved ones. Choosing a trip, you give new impressions and positive emotions that will be remembered for a long time and definitely will not gather dust on the shelves. We suggest you to add to this vivid picture unexpected gifts and surprises that will wait be waiting in your cabin.

Select your option of surprises in the cabin on the ferry Princess Anastasia from only 3 EUR! Do not forget that you need to pay the surprise ordered at least 10 working days prior to departure.

You can order the following compliments: 
  • Greeting card to the cabin or to the table — 3 EUR
  • Decoration of cabin or table in a restaurant with balloons (10 balloons) — 5 EUR
  • Mini bottle of wine / Prosecco (0,2 cl.) — 5 EUR
  • Bottle of beer to the cabin (0,5 cl.) — 4 EUR
  • Fruit plate for 2 persons — 9 EUR
  • Fruit plate for 4 persons — 16,5 EUR
  • Musical greeting at the Columbus bar (includes balloons and champagne) — 20 EUR
  • Biscuit cake with a personal inscription (1 kg.) — 22 EUR
  • Biscuit cake with a personal inscription (1,5 kg.) — 33 EUR
  • Flowers in the cabin (ordering can be sent not less than 10 days before the desired date, the color is not guaranteed to be 100%)  — from 35 to 50 EUR

You are just one click away from an unforgettable voyage!

To order and pay for a surprise in the cabin, you should contact the place of purchase of the cruise. If you have booked a cruise on the company's website, send your request to

Important: a surprise must be ordered and paid at least 10 working days before departure.