Dear Customer,

Data Protection Act, Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta, ensures that the processing of the personal data of natural persons is carried out with respect for the rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of the person concerned, particularly with reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to have their personal data protected.

We would like to inform you that the personal data that you have communicated to the Company will be processed according to Data Protection Act, Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta, in compliance with the abovementioned law and according to the requirement of confidentiality that governs the Company's activities. We would particularly like to inform you of the following:

  1. Purpose of the Processing
    MOBY SPL LIMITED collects and processes personal data to send and receive the newsletter, which contains information and promotional material concerning the activities of MOBY SPL LIMITED, and also third parties, to keep the user up to date about promotions, deals and other communications/advertising material.
    The provision of personal data for this purpose is not obligatory. The denial of authorization to process personal data as outlined will result in you not being updated on deals/information that MOBY SPL LIMITED may periodically make available.

  2. Communication to Third Parties and Divulgation
    The fulfilment of the abovementioned purposes may also be achieved by the transferral and communication of personal data to third parties, or companies who belong to the group operating within the European Union, which also implies that the third parties are authorized to process the data, where they are engaged to perform or provide specific technological services used by MOBY SPL LIMITED.
    The names and addresses of such parties are available to the concerned person on request.
  3. Divulgation and Transfer of data abroad
    The personal data of the person concerned will not be divulged. The personal data will not be able to be transferred abroad.
  4. Sensitive Personal Data
    The processing of the personal data of the person concerned will not cover data of a sensitive nature of the Law (that is, data "... that discloses the person's racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other convictions, political opinions, membership of political parties, unions, associations and organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or union-related nature, and personal data that discloses the state of health and sexual preferences of the person concerned").
  5. Processing Methods
    MOBY SPL LIMITED processes the personal data of the concerned person lawfully and accurately and in such a way as to ensure their confidentiality and security. The personal data will be processed using manual, computerized and electronic tools, organizational systems and using logistics specifically for the indicated purposes.
  6. Rights of the person concerned
    In relation to the processing of personal data, the concerned party benefits from the rights outlined in the Law, the following of which we would like to remind you of: 
    1. The person concerned is entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of their personal data, even if not yet registered, and request that the data be communicated to them in a comprehensible form. 
    2. Obtain information about: 
      a. the origin of their personal data; 
      b. the purpose and methods of processing; 
      c. the logic applied in the event that the data is processed by electronic means; 
      d. identifying data for the Owner, Data Supervisor and designated representative, 
      e. persons or groups of persons to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may gain knowledge of the personal data in their capacity as a designated representative in Italy, or as the data supervisor or person in charge of the processing. 
    3. Obtain: 
       a. that the data be updated, rectified or, if relevant, additions made 
      b. that data processed in violation of the regulations, including data whose conservation was not required for the purposes for which the data was collected or processed thereafter be cancelled, rendered anonymous or blocked; 
      c. a statement declaring that the operations outlined in points (a) and (b), including their content, were brought to the attention of those to whom the data were communicated or released, except where this is impossible or if this requires means that are clearly excessive with respect to the person's entitlement. 
    4. Refuse: 
      a. on legitimate grounds the processing of their personal data, even if relevant to the purpose of the data collection; 
      b. the processing of their personal data for the purpose of sending advertising or direct marketing material or for market research activities or commercial communications.

  7. Owner and Data Supervisor
    MOBY SPL LIMITED, 18/2 South street, VLT 1102, Valetta, Malta is the owner of the data, while the data supervisor is the sales department, who in this capacity will be domiciled at the office of MOBY SPL LIMITED.


Your data is only used for the purpose for which you have given them to us. Your data is not passed on to third parties. 

Information in compliance with Data Protection Act, Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta

In compliance with Data Protection Act concerning the right of natural persons regarding the protection of their personal data, MOBY SPL LIMITED, as the data controller, hereby provides information concerning the use of personal data.
Personal data on customers and passengers are acquired by MOBY SPL LIMITED during booking, purchase, check in and services also online (e.g. “Need help? Lost and Found”) and are handled for purposes concerning the procedures of ticket purchase, also online, the fulfilling of contractual, accounting and tax obligations, programming activities and internal control services, the management of any health emergencies and assistance to passengers. These operations may involve sending emails or telephoning in the case of technical requirements, mistaken interruption of processes, requests for integration of information or documents. 
In addition, by registering in the newsletter area, the customer may receive news of commercial initiatives and promotions. 
The data may be handled by telephone, telematic methods (including the use of the email address supplied during the purchasing procedure) or by post. The objectives may also be achieved through the transmission and communication of data to third parties, that is, third parties authorised to process the data, and may include the nomination of persons to be in charge of the processing if they perform or supply specific services strictly related to the execution of the contractual relationship (also via on-going processing), such as computer service companies, companies that provide payment services, approved agents, companies that provide printing, mailing, transportation and sorting services, outsourcing companies, consultants, independent professionals, and insurance companies, in accordance with the legal provisions concerning the security of data. An up-to-date list of persons in charge of processing nominated by MOBY SPL LIMITED is available from MOBY SPL LIMITED registered office.
The aforementioned objectives may also be achieved through the communication of data to other data controllers. Data relating to the online payment of tickets will be processed by Invoicebox OU, which is an independent data controller, in a protected and secure environment and will not be acquired or elaborated in any way by MOBY SPL LIMITED.
Furthermore, the data will be communicated to entities, authorities and third parties if required by law or if strictly necessary for the performance of the travel contract. 
The conferment of the requested data, either to fulfil a legal requirement or if strictly necessary for the performance of the contract, is imperative and refusal to supply such data makes it impossible for MOBY SPL LIMITED to fulfil the activities requested as part of the contract and to perform the service.
Customer or passenger-related data will not be disclosed by us, i.e. in any manner known not given,  made available or consultable to indefinite subjects.
Clients and Passengers may subscribe to the Captain’s Club fidelity programme by completing the online registration procedure. Data requested during the registration procedure are processed manually and by computerised systems, exclusively to enable Clients and Passengers to benefit from the advantages made available to members of Captain’s Club (insertion of personal data, attribution of points, allocation of awards, communication of the points summary, system for accessing reserved areas on the website, etc.). When subscribing, only data marked with an asterisk (*) is obligatory. These fields must be completed in order for the subscription to be effective.
For the use of cookies please refer to the section "Information processing cookies" where appropriate information is made.
In any case, the use of the personal data of Clients for commercial and promotional purposes, and to ensure satisfactory services, perform market research, or offer services by email and other channels, is subject to the data subject's consent. Refusing consent will prevent MOBY SPL LIMITED from processing the data and the data subject will not be able to take advantage of the respective services and commercial offers. By clicking on the designated boxes, the Client may freely decide whether to give MOBY SPL LIMITED their consent to use the personal data for activities to improve the quality of services offered and to be informed of new services and promotions MOBY SPL LIMITED
Clients and Passengers have the right to obtain, without delay, from MOBY SPL LIMITED: a) confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning them, and the communication of those data in a comprehensible form, along with information about their origin and the logic involved in their processing; b) the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law; c) the updating, rectification or, if relevant, addition of data. Clients and Passengers also have the right to oppose, on legitimate grounds, the processing of their personal data. The data controller is MOBY SPL LIMITED, whose registered office is located in 18/2 South street, VLT1102, Valetta Malta. The person responsible for the data processing is the manager of the sales department, you can contact him at the e-mail address or write a letter to head office of MOBY SPL LIMITED.